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Digimon adventure 02 game

System, wonderSwan Color, accent release Date, march 03, 2001, language.
When the bigant tournament starts, the humayun sole Holy Beast explains that the other three Holy Beasts had turned evil and were working independently to mods claim absolute power for themselves.
Publisher, bandai., Ltd.To toon put this in perspective, the final boss has 3000 health and the most expensive technique in the game costs 62 te Not to mention that most Mega Ultimate level digimon bigant have less than 1000 HP and 250.In the game, Ken and Ryo are watching the battle between Omegamon and Diablomon from within Ken's room mods season and get pulled into game the digital world almost immediately after.Which was only a ruse by, millenniumon to draw Ryo back into the Digital World, and he drawplus splits the Digital World in half, separating bigant Ken and Ryo.Infinity 1 Sword : AND IT'oozy!Add trivia Unicorn Lynx (181679) added Digimon Adventure episode 02: Tag Tamers (WonderSwan) on Feb 15, 2006.Sadistic Choice : In one of the dungeons Ryo can enter in order to train, he's accent horrified to discover that to leave he has to choose to sacrifice one of the Digimon that helped him take on the tournament.As the time passed after the absence of Ryo, Ken believes that Ryo will return one day, as Ryo does seem to have a knack for returning unexpectedly.Alternate Titles "Digimon Adventure Zero Two: Tag Tamers".Game details, name, digimon Adventure 02: D1 Tamers, digimon Adventure 02: D1 Tamers.Released Dec 09, 2000, summary Short summary describing this game.Digimon Adventure character, ended up in the, digimon Tamers, alternate Universe anyway.He goes off to fight Millenniummon anyway, but a lot of characters (Taichi especially) notice he's no longer quite himself.Heroic BSoD : This is how Ryo takes his treatment messenger from the Holy Beasts.Want to get a specific Digimon that isn't a random encounter?WonderSwan, based on the, digimon franchise.Franchises, digimon, franchise Franchises of this game. Specific release details, wSC - Digimon Adventure 02: D1 Tamers (JP).

The Wondergate Pack is a copy.
WonderSwan Color, platform Platform of this digimon adventure 02 game game.