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Gimp 2.8 themes linux

Moreover, each one of them comes in blogspot 5 highlighting-color versions: Blue, Orange, Pink, Red rush and Teal.
There is a separate " _further_modding.
Update (2-Feb-2015 i'm very sorry, but rate due to some nasty stuff happening in my life since the vision last few moths, I have no longer the renner time or the mood to finish the announced.0.3 release of the themes.If you adventure open a terminal window and run the following command, you windows can see that it game will open the application with the specified theme: gimp, of course, you need to replace /path/to/your/theme/gtkrc with the path to the gtkrc file, which rush is located in the gtk-2.0.Fix_for_ (alternatively, you may run it form the GUI, but you may have to give it execute permissions first: right-click - Properties product Permissions).So, I made a bash-script that changes the relative paths to absolute ones in all the "gtkrc" files, automatically: Fix for wubi installations of Ubuntu.This makes a total of 20 variations.Org or at (follow either of those links).Copy all the folders it contains into Gimp.8's " themes/ " folder.It contains hints for other OSes as well.Txt " file renner explaining it in more details, along with step by blogspot step instructions for adding new themes.It comes with its own " Readme.When using the theme only for a single application, it does not matter where you place them, but you might as well place them in the usual place.Many thanks to Andrew hindi Pullins (aka android272 ) for the beautiful original themes.Flat Gimp Icon Theme.0.0 ".You may download the engine by following this link: m/s/ffwaj04z26fv2vs7 There's is also a small section inside the main " Readme.Usually you place the theme folder within /.themes so you can pick them as a general theme as well.Besides the additional highlighting-colors, other modifications include a bit wider scroll-bars dragging-handles, along with slightly altered colorization of menus, tools, panels, tabs, design radio buttons, checkboxes, tool-tips, blogspot etc.Simply prefix that command by and save the file.My version of gimp.8.16. However, it may take a while.
Rather, it contains all the data needed by all other themes rush in this collection.

The "small" variants use smaller icons and font.
Next time you run the gimp 2.8 themes linux Gimp, it will be in your dark theme!
I have the same dark themes as shown in your post.